Project Description

In the course of addressing a nuts-and bolts problem of leaking windows, we had the opportunity to transform a dated exterior into one that better suited the house and the owners’ tastes. We created visual cohesion through this home’s exterior by simplifying the existing surfacing materials, which included introducing natural wood elements, softer lighting, and a more modern style of windows. The addition of pergolas made the entryway more inviting, and a new deck created a viewing opportunity for the nearby park and pond. To create a more modern look, we added new railing and updated lighting treatments, as well as a stylish color palette. To align with our desire for sustainability, we turned our design toward “timeless” rather than “trendy,” sourced from local suppliers whenever possible, and used high quality materials to avoid the need for future replacement.

This project won the Oregon Remodeler’s Association Outstanding Remodeling Achievement Award for Residential Exterior Under $100K, and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry NW Regional Award for Residential Exterior under $100K in 2011.